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Mobile App Development 


Yoga Moji Update v2.0 is now available on iTunes.

This update includes corrections to the iOS copy/paste bugs, (caused by a programing conflict when Apple recently released their latest iOS update.) Additionally, we added sharing support for Facebook, Messenger, Twitter & Snapchat (at this time Instagram is not applicable). 

If you had already purchased Yoga Moji & the app is already downloaded onto your Apple devices, the Update should initiate automatically, depending on your settings. Otherwise please press the Update Notification Prompt in the App Store. 

If Yoga Moji is not currently on your Apple devices, but you had purchased it in the past; please download it again at no additional price. 

Please check out these new features and share fun Yoga Emojis with all your Yoga Buddies!!! Enjoy!!! 

Android Devices were not effected, it is operating properly with no new updated at this time. 

Thank you for your patience. 
We truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to implement continual improvements to Yoga Moji!! 

~ Namaste