NamaSphere, LLC

Mobile App Development 

iOS and Android Apps Available in iTunes and Goggle Play!!

Namasphere has produced it's first app,  "Yoga Moji" .

Launching in September, Yoga Moji is available on both iOS and Android devices.

This first app was inspired by Nicole's vision for yoga emoticons. As she merged ideas with Yuth's visual graphics talents, the two yoga teachers co-created fun images to capture the world of yoga they know and love. With Yoga Moji, everyone can spread more yoga into your world.

Focused and has been an exciting journey as we jumped into the app world and designed our collection of yoga emojis into reality. Things started moving forward quickly as we collaborated ideas with our amazing group of talented developers. Manifested and actualized into production, an app was built. Thank you very much Ben, Ryan, & Andrew. Gentlemen, you are shear brilliance!!! Great team work.

You will definitely see the evolution of our creative talents transforming, being more innovative as there are other apps in the pipeline. This is surely just a stepping stone for something bigger and more profound moving forward.

We especially thank our family and friends for all their unwavering love and support. It is a pleasure to be of service to you all as your love and guidance shines the way for all, towards a benevolent world to higher consciousness. 

Thank you, 

Yuth & Nicole ~ Namaste